In 1922, a company bearing the name Titan was established. In 1933, production of pipefittings began. After World War II, the foundry was modernised and made a substantial contribution to society’s progress thanks to its quality T-fittings. Soon after 1960, the company increased production volume substantially. In 2001, it became a consolidated entity within the CIMOS group. In that period, it implemented environmental and technological modernisation of its facilities and obtained an IPPC permit.

Since 2014, Livarna Titan has been a family-owned company. The company retained the existing line of products, and, thanks to state-of-the-art technological processes and environmentally friendly as well as energy efficient technology, today it produces quality white malleable cast iron for the manufacture of fittings as well as custom-made castings in compliance with standards GTW 35 to GTW 55 and GTW S 38, featuring good welding properties.
The core business of the company is casting and treatment of castings. The company specialises in the manufacture of white malleable cast which is thermally treated cast steel. The production process can be divided into two self-contained units; foundry and treatment. Foundry comprises production of melt, preparation of sand for the foundry moulds and cores, making of cores, casting, cleaning, separating and sorting, and tempering and grinding. Treatment consists of zinc coating for castings, and machining of black and zinc coated castings.

Our buyers from Central and Western Europe, where over 90 per cent of our products are sold, acknowledge our quality. By extending the range of fittings both in terms of form and dimension the market shares in new markets are increased, while those in traditional markets are consolidated. Through a market-oriented sales strategy, we are able to adapt our products to the demands of our customers to the greatest extent possible as well as nurture genuine and mutually satisfying business relationships.

Mission and vision

By striving for product quality and safety we meet the needs and expectations of our customers, co-workers and other key stakeholders. By constantly optimising our business processes we pursue a policy of socially responsible course of action, environmental protection, health and training of employees.

Livarna Titan will retain its position among the three leading manufacturers of quality white malleable cast iron in Europe.


By striving to provide quality products, and with our professional approach in undertaking all tasks we at Livarna Titan endeavour to remain a trustworthy partner for our stakeholders.
The company operates in compliance with standards ISO 9001:2015 and DIN DVGW.

According to an analysis carried out by Analytical house BISNODE, LIVARNA TITAN has been among the best business organisations in Slovenia for three years year in a row, and thus belonging to the highest-class AAA – the prestigious certificate of golden creditworthiness, and the highest reward issued by the company Bisnode AB at European level.