Among the workers of Titan was also Josip Broz TITO

In 1911, Josip BROZ, who later became president of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and was named Marshall TITO, got a job in the factory as a locksmith, and so he spent a few months in Kamnik. He was a member of the trade union. As a good gymnast, he was a member of the SOKOL movement which was a national pro-Yugoslav and anti-Austrian gymnastics organization. Josip BROZ stayed in Kamnik until May 1912. In that period, the factory was owned by a listed company from Vienna. When it went bankrupt, it had to be closed down. The workers were laid off. Out of approximately 150 workers some ten received recommendation to work in Bohemia. Josip BROZ was one of them. Upon arriving to Jeničenkov, to a big factory of metal products, the plan was to use the workers as strike-breakers, to which they opposed in unison. Moreover, they achieved that the Czech workers – and they themselves – received a pay rise.