The company is celebrating its 100th anniversary

Hundred years of foundry operations at TITAN coincide with another important anniversary. In order to draw attention to the often-overlooked role of metallurgy in the public, colleagues at the National Museum of Slovenia and the Department of Materials and Metallurgy of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana joined forces on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the University of Ljubljana. The aim of the exhibition project »The Song of Metal« is to draw attention to the rich technical heritage, which is unfortunately not known well enough, and which has been systematically collected by the National Museum of Slovenia over almost two centuries of the institution’s existence.

Among the displayed items, products of Livarna TITAN, who – as a bronze sponsor – supports the exhibition and promotion of metallurgy in Slovenia, can be found. At the exhibition Livarna TITAN displays the so-called Tee fitting in different stages of treatment as well as a corebox with a core.