In the years before World War II

Titan achieved huge progress in the years from 1933 to 1939. In 1933, the assortment was changed fundamentally: the production of iron stoves and different steel products was abandoned, while the production of fittings, scales, poppy seed grinders, meat grinders, cartridge cases, rifle ornaments, nuts, cabinetmaking tools, scale pans, crushers, brass weights, different kitchen appliances and furniture locks was started. Some products were even exported: locks to Palestine and Italy; besides locks also different mountings.

In the foundry, the old cupola furnace was replaced by two new ones, and a chamber furnace for tempering was added. After 1936, the labour movement picked up again. The “Jugoslovanski stručni savez” and soon after that, the “Savez metalskih radnika” – both parties of workers in the metal industries – were established. The latter was headed by Franc LESKOVŠEK – Luka, who was employed as a lathe turner at TITAN.