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Export orientation

Livarna TITAN exports castings to over 40 countries all over the world, which represents about 90% of its annual turnover. In the key segment of fittings, the company is entering new markets with the help of local, specialized distributers, who are logistically capable of supplying the whole market of their […]

New Leadership – New Challenges

In 2010, Drago Brence took over management of the company, and in the next four years he paved the way for the first positive result. The formula for success was simple: cutting costs, increasing sales and paying attention to cash flow, which, of course, required a lot of effort, perseverance […]

Livarna Titan today

Today, Livarna Titan is a successful company competing in an increasingly demanding international market. The last five years were a period of huge changes for Livarna TITAN. Favourable external macroeconomic factors and huge effort, which was made within the company, made it possible that, in that period, Livarna Titan succeeded […]