New Leadership – New Challenges

In 2010, Drago Brence took over management of the company, and in the next four years he paved the way for the first positive result.

The formula for success was simple: cutting costs, increasing sales and paying attention to cash flow, which, of course, required a lot of effort, perseverance and, last but not least, a change in the mindset and culture of the company.
After 2010, the company decreased loss every year, and it started refurbishing the premises, investing in new equipment, but in the first place, the emphasis was on optimising business processes, reducing discards and monitoring productivity.

In 2014, the foundry changed ownership again. Hundred per cent ownership was acquired by the then director of the company. The foundry became a family-run business, and it was renamed Livarna TITAN d.o.o.

In 2015, the company adopted the strategical plan for 2015 – 2020 in which the key goals were set, and which proved that the specified direction was correct.