Beginning of Industrialization

Industrialisation in the broader sense started in the post-war period. There was neither qualified staff nor necessary know-how. Titan had to obtain this by itself. In 1952, a pewter mill, galvanisation, foundry of malleable cast and a cleaning plant for casts was built. The existing facilities were expanded and refurbished. In 1949, a special vocational school for locksmiths was established to facilitate the needs of the factory. In 1951, it was closed down, and its activities were relocated to Litostroj’s school. The school building next to the factory was transformed into a block of flats to house factory workers. As late as in 1976, unknown authors wrote in Titan’s jubilee publication: “The worker has become the fourteenth and last owner in the history of Titan.”

At the end of the sixties, Titan started production of ski bindings in cooperation with Tyrolia.